Luther out of Germany: Muilenburg-Koenig History of Religion Workshop

November 14 & 15, 2017

In recognition of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, the Muilenburg-Koenig History of Religion workshop considered Luther out of Germany.

Led by Christopher Ocker (Professor of Church History, San Francisco Theological Seminary) and Kirsi Stjerna (Professor of Lutheran History and Theology, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary), this workshop consisted of panelists discussing perceptions of Luther and his influence in Latin America, the US, India, China, and Catholic-Protestant relations today, with presentations and responses by scholars from Berkeley, Princeton, Beijing, and Mexico City. It is part of a semester-long seminar of the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley (GTU). Guests were welcome to sit in on individual sessions of interest to them.

Workshop Agenda

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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3:00 pm:
Welcome Message
Rev. Dr. James L. McDonald
President, San Francisco Theological Seminary

3:05 pm:
Kirsi Stjerna (California Lutheran University)
Christopher Ocker (San Francisco Theological Seminary)
“Two Views on Luther out of Germany”

3:15 pm:
Alicia Mayer (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico)
“The Image of Martin Luther in Latin America”
Chair: Bernardo Hinojosa (English, University of California at Berkeley)
Respondent: Eduardo Fernandez (Jesuit School of Theology, Liberation Theology)

4:00 pm:
Eric Zhu Xiaoyuan (University of Beijing)
“Luther and Chinese Intellectuals”
Chairs: Peter Michelli (History, UC Berkeley)
Shinmin Lee (Theology, Graduate Theological Union)
Respondent: George Griener (Jesuit School of Theology)

5:00 pm:
Moses Penumaka (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary/GTU)
“Luther, Protestantism, and Protestant Theology in India”
Chairs: Caroline Read (Jesuit School of Theology)
Athena Bless (Pacific Lutheran School for the Ministry)
Respondent: Purushottama Billimoria (Graduate Theological Union, Center for Dharma Studies)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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9:15 am:
Devin Zuber (GTU, Center for Swedenborgian Studies)
“The Protestant Reformation: Lutheran Roots in the Pragmatist Aesthetics of William and Henry James”
Chair: Junsik Chang (Theology, GTU)
Respondent: Naomi Seidman (GTU, Center for Jewish Studies)

10:30 am:
Karlfried Froehlich (Princeton Theological Seminary, emeritus)
“Twentieth Century Lutheran-Catholic Relations: Theory and Practice.”
Chair: Landon Reitz (German, UC Berkeley)
Respondent: Diego Pirillo (Italian, UC Berkeley)