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SFTS embraces the belief that an all-inclusive knowledge of religion is tantamount to becoming an effective and inspired agent of faith. In 1962, SFTS joined with neighboring theological schools in founding the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), created with the certainty that the future of religious renewal and theological education depends on the willingness of faith traditions to come together. The GTU is composed of nine seminaries — five Protestant, three Roman Catholic, and one Unitarian Universalist — and 11 affiliates, academic centers, and programs. Today, the GTU provides a forum for dialogue on social justice issues, encourages programs in emerging fields of theological inquiry, and connects students to a wide and diverse community. Curricula amongst the schools includes the arts, biblical studies, cultural and historical studies, ethics, social theory, spirituality, interreligious and interdisciplinary studies. As a founding member of the GTU, SFTS offers open enrollment in a cohesive partnership of seminaries comprised of varying traditions including Protestantism, Catholicism, Unitarian Universalist, Eastern Orthodox Traditions, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, and Hinduism. As an SFTS student, you will also have access to other premier higher education institutions throughout the Bay Area, including the University of California at Berkeley. The GTU is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and offers doctoral and master’s degrees for denominational leadership within a unique interfaith context. The GTU is an example of what transpires in an atmosphere of open dialogue and exploration.

The GTU Library

gtulibrarySFTS students have easy access to the largest theological library west of the Rockies. The Graduate Theological Union maintains the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library in Berkeley, one of the largest theological libraries in the world, with around 509,000 volumes. The SFTS library is connected electronically to the GTU library through an online public access catalog and circulation system known by its acronym GRACE. The GTU’s material acquisitions are coordinated with the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University libraries. Borrowing privileges are available for all three institutions.


SFTS provides free van transportation when classes are in session for students, faculty, and staff between the San Anselmo campus and the Berkeley GTU. The van schedule is determined at the beginning of each semester. Van service is also provided for GTU events that are planned outside of regular class hours.

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