Certificate Programs


Our programs are designed for ministers and pastors seeking professional development and continuing education. Built upon our values of spirituality and social justice, SFTS continues to offer an innovative curriculum where you’ll receive a top-rated education to encounter God more meaningfully and engage the world more deeply.

Certificate in Trauma & Spiritual Care

The Certificate in Trauma & Spiritual Care provides working professionals in both clinical and pastoral settings with the skills to incorporate spirituality into the healing counsel they provide to trauma victims. This program highlights the spiritual understandings of trauma and healing, giving caregivers a more comprehensive set of skills to help trauma victims recover from their experiences. Register today!

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Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction and Formation

SFTS is happy to offer a certificate in spiritual direction based in the art of contemplative listening but open to people with a wide range of interests. Traditionally, spiritual directors were simply people perceived to be wise in the ways of spirit and compassionate toward others. We believe that good spiritual direction is rooted in deep and stable spiritual practice. Training in spiritual direction occurs therefore in the context of contemplative retreats. Study, reading, and practice in community provide a rhythm which encourages rootedness in spiritual discipline, even as one trains in the arts of listening, discernment, and basic knowledge of spiritual direction.

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