Continuing Education


Our theological seminary offers dynamic and impactful continuing education opportunities for students and working professionals. Our certificate and diploma courses are designed to offer short-term discipline study, refresher courses, or an opportunity for deepening your personal spirituality or the spirituality of others.

January Intersession and Summer Seminars

At SFTS, excellence in ministry is fostered through the development of new ways to serve individuals and institutions both within and outside of the church. The seminary’s collaborative learning environment is an incubator for the research and development of alternative understandings, new tools, and novel resources for ministry in a rapidly changing world. Geared towards those working in ministry, one- or two-week January or Summer Seminar courses can be completed within the time frame that most pastors have for study leave.

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Certificate in Trauma and Spiritual Care

The Certificate in Trauma and Spiritual Care will provide working professionals in both clinical and pastoral settings with the skills to incorporate spirituality into the healing counsel they provide to trauma victims.

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