Diploma Programs

Move toward your goals with a theology diploma

Explore the nature and practice of Spiritual Direction or investigate meaningful leadership through Pastoral Studies. The SFTS diploma of theology provides unique educational dimensions for a specific ministry, mission, or vocational endeavor.

Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction

The Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction blends rigorous academic work with time for retreat, worship, celebration, prayer, contemplation of God’s presence in our lives, and focused practice of, and reflection on, the art of spiritual direction.

Diploma in Advanced Pastoral Studies

This program is for those who seek to deepen their knowledge and broaden their ministry skills through a structured course of study similar to that of the D.Min. program, but does not require a dissertation or project.

Diploma in Executive Leadership

This diploma program is offered as a second-year continuation of McCormick Theological Seminary’s Certificate in Executive Leadership. During the 2016-2017 academic year, it will also be open to Doctor of Ministry students and the classes will be organized in four 3-day weekend seminars.