The Rev. Dr. Eugene Eung-Chun Park


Dana and Dave Dornsife Professor of New Testament

Ph.D., University of Chicago | 415.451.2881

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Eugene Eung-Chun Park is a biblical scholar, who is interested in interpreting the NT and early Christian literature against the background of Greek philosophy and Second Temple Judaism. He has a passion for what he understands to be the core message of the Judeo-Christian scriptures, that is, the reign of God for the peace and justice of the world. He pursues his scholarship with the hope that it will make a contribution to enhancing the shalom of the entire humanity over and beyond all the boundaries that divide and alienate people from each other.


Gospel of Matthew, Advanced Greek, Gospels and Acts


  • Gospel for the World: Studies in the Acts of the Apostles (Institute for Biblical Studies, 1997; in Korean)
  • The Mission Discourse in Matthew’s Interpretation (Mohr-Siebeck, 1995)
  • Either Jew or Gentile: Paul’s Unfolding Theology of Inclusivity (Westminster John Knox, 2003)

Matthew and formative Judaism, Biblical hermeneutics, New Testament soteriologies