Spirituality Concentrations: MDiv and DMin Students

MDiv students interested in a concentration in spirituality will explore some of the depth and breadth of the Christian and world spiritual traditions: medieval mystics, contemplative theologians, Native American novelists, civil rights mothers and fathers, interfaith studies. They will take academic courses as well as practice courses. They will study classical texts as well as music, poetry, nature.  By learning more about how rich and diverse Christian spirituality is, students develop tools not only to critique their experience but more importantly to find a home in Christianity as they come to learn how sustaining and expansive Christian faith has been in times and places all over the world. This concentration allows students to deepen their understanding of the links between spiritual practice and social justice as well as to encounter spiritual friends in other religious traditions. It models ways to combine spiritual practice with academic study. Through this concentration, students will deepen their faith through academic study and focused practice.

Program Requirements:

  • a minimum of 3 semesters of SP 2527. These 1 credit hour classes emphasize practice and rotate through several topics such as contemplative listening, lectio divina, comparative contemplative practices, spirituality and social justice, and discernment.
  • 9 credit hours of spirituality courses at SFTS or any GTU school.
  • a self-designed project combining service, formation, and/or leadership.

Students are invited (but not required) to participate in the retreats, certificate, or diploma offered through the Spirituality Program.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Wendy Farley
Director, Program in Christian Spirituality
Rice Family Chair in Spirituality
415.451.2867 | wfarley@sfts.edu