Summer Seminars

At San Francisco Theological Seminary, excellence in ministry is fostered through the development of new ways to serve individuals and institutions both within and outside of the Church. The Seminary’s collaborative environment is an incubator for the research and development of alternative understandings, new tools, and novel resources for ministry in a rapidly changing world.

Geared towards those working in ministry, Summer Seminars are Doctor of Ministry courses that can be taken as Continuing Education courses by those who qualify. At one or two weeks long, these courses can be completed in the time frame most pastors have for study leave. Classes are from 9:00am to 12:30pm each day, unless otherwise noted.

Tuition for continuing education students is $780 per course. DMin and Certificate tuition is determined by program and may require additional dissertation/project seminars and coursework.

To register as a Continuing Education student, or if you are a DMin student from another seminary, please contact Ruth T. West, Program Manager for Advanced Pastoral Studies, at 415.451.2838 or