“I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I have new insight. I have a new way of seeing things and seeing myself, as I seek to be of service to others.”
—Jeralyn Major, DASD Student

We at SFTS celebrate the depth and beauty of the human spirit in its many cultural and religious expressions. We understand spiritual direction as a way to participate in mending of hearts and society. Our spirituality programs rest on the belief that we are called to awaken our hearts to others through practice, study, and community.

We offer programs in the Art of Spiritual Direction that include both a Diploma and a Certificate. All of the sessions can be taken for a Diploma or a Certificate. To learn more about the requirements for and differences between the Diploma and Certificate, click on the respective links.

Session One: January 7-11, 2020

Contemplative Listening

Dr. Daeseop Yi and Scott Quinn

Contemplative Listening is a meditative discipline that helps us listen closely to what is said and not said. It is listening from the heart to the heart of another. In larger and smaller groups, we will engage a variety of listening and other contemplative practices that help us drop into an open space where another can be listened into speech. This session is offered as the pre-requisite for further work in our programs in the Art of Spiritual Direction. This session has the option of 1.5 credit hours additional academic study for those who are working toward a diploma. This session is also open to the wider community as a Spiritual Retreat.


Spiritual Formation for Spiritual Direction

Dr. Wendy Farley

The ancient practice of spiritual direction is rooted not only in what one learns in a classroom but in on-going commitment to spiritual practice and formation. This class will provide opportunities to encounter several classical and contemporary models of spiritual practice while also engaging in different forms of meditation, art, chant, and body prayers. By deepening our personal practice we will learn to “guard the heart,” inspire the spirit, welcome diversity, and remain more vibrantly present to others. So you will be prepared at the beginning of the course, readings will be sent out in advance.

Session Two: January 13-18, 2020

Discernment January 13-17

Dr. Elizabeth Liebert

Dr. Liebert, one of the original Directors of the Program in Christian Spirituality at SFTS, continues her popular teaching with study of the theory and practice of discernment. This class is designed for second and third year Diploma and Certificate students and includes a 3-credit academic credit option. Course materials will be sent out in advance of the class so students can come prepared for further study and deeper practice in their own discernment and in their work with their directees.


Fundamentals of Spiritual Direction (Foundation course for all Spiritual Direction students) January 13-18

Dr. Maria Bowen and Dr. Susan Phillips

This session is the continuation of the Contemplative Listening course and is required of new Certificate and Diploma students. It provides basic theory and practice for the work of spiritual direction. In addition to daily supervised practice sessions each afternoon, there will be a panel on multi-cultural and multi-racial issues in spiritual direction. Participation in this session is a prerequisite before spiritual direction students can begin to practice spiritual direction.




For more information, please contact:

Dr. Wendy Farley, Director, Program in Christian Spirituality
Rice Family Chair in Spirituality

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Session One

Non-residential: $1,560 Residential: $1,980

Session One & Two
Non-residential: $3,080 Residential: $3,920


Session One
Non-residential: $1,440 Residential: $1,860

Session One & Two
Non-residential: $2,880 Residential: $3,720

SUPERVISION FEE $320 Paid directly to supervisor.


Communal lunch is included in the program fee.

Those who elect to lodge on campus will have access to self-serve breakfast items.