Health Insurance

The Graduate Theological Union and participating member schools and institutions sponsor a medical insurance plan designed to provide students with complete medical coverage at a very reasonable cost. The plan is with Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest health plans in California, with more than 8,000 physicians at more than 150 locations in northern and southern California. The HIPS plan has a $500/person, $1,000/family deductible; 20% co-insurance after the deductible due for in-patient hospital care and out-patient surgery and related tests and labs; and a $40 co-payment. However, there is no charge for preventive care. It includes preventive care and mental health care as well as many other covered services. This health insurance plan is available to students enrolled for at least three or more credits or units per semester in a degree or certificate program.

If you are enrolled for nine or more credits or units in any one semester, you must enroll in the GTU HIPS program or provide proof of health insurance that has comparable benefits and costs. You must indicate whether you are taking or waiving the GTU plan during the general registration period for fall and spring semesters. In addition to submitting this choice on WebAdvisor, you must also either enroll in the GTU HIPS program or provide information about membership in a comparable plan to waive the GTU program at If you are waiving the GTU program, you must provide a copy of your alternative, comparable plan to the SFTS Associate Registrar.

Enrollment in the HIPS plan is for the 12 months of the academic year, September 1 through August 31. Unless your eligibility to participate in the program changes, you will be enrolled for the entire year. Premiums for the plan are billed and due in two equal installments at the beginning of each semester. You may charge the cost of your health insurance to a credit card, but you cannot make a payment plan with the Seminary for this charge. The monthly and semester rates for the HIPS plan are:

Per Semester Per Year
Student $1,718.70 $3,437.40
Student and Spouse $3,718.14 $7,562.28
Student and Child(ren) $3,437.40 $6,874.80
Student and Family $5,499.84 $10,999.68

For more information visit the GTU website,, or contact the Academic Services Coordinator at 415-451-2820.

For those who are inquirers or candidates in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), health insurance is available to seminary students through the Board of Pensions. Detailed information is available at or call 510-204-9041 or 1-800-773-7752.


This insurance is available to low- and no-income families in California. Care is provided by private physicians, not usually in a clinic setting. There is no cost for the insurance, and the co-payment is waived or very low. Call 415-473-3400 in San Rafael, or visit

Healthy Families
This insurance, also provided by the state of California, covers children under the age of 19 from low-income and working families. Call 1-800- 880-5305 or visit

Covered California
California was the first state in the nation to enact legislation to implement the provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act by creating a health care marketplace— Covered California. You can go to to research health plans, calculate the cost, and enroll for coverage.