Alumni-Admissions Liaison Volunteer Program

AALV Program:

Alumni Ambassadors are important to SFTS’ admissions recruitment efforts as they meet individually with potential applicants, staff college/seminary fairs, and host local receptions for admitted and entering seminary students. AALV members not only share their experiences and information about SFTS, but also help to personalize the admissions process for seminary candidates each year. SFTS AALV members are a group of proud alumni who serve as enthusiastic ambassadors to prospective seminary students and families in all 50 states and across the globe.

Transform a Life:

Join the SFTS Alumni-Admissions Liaison Volunteer program and transform a life through the ministry of Christ.

MOTIVATE: Identify and recruit tomorrow’s pastors.
CONGRATULATE: Send congratulatory letters.
CELEBRATE: Host receptions for new students.
COMMUNICATE: Mentor students as they matriculate.

Alums benefit too! Members of the AALV program will be able to connect to SFTS in new and meaningful ways – some will find an opportunity to serve the alumni body in leadership roles, while others will enjoy the occasions to connect and network with fellow graduates.


Qualified AALV program members will be invited to attend a two-day training event on campus at SFTS.

For more information, or if you’d like to volunteer with AALV, please contact:
Dr. Dave Behrs, VP for Enrollment Management, Interim Director of Alumni Relations
415.451.2802 |

“Admissions are all about cultivating relationships. Alums are the lifeblood of any institution, and we have 4,700 in the world. We are inviting them to stay connected, work in concert with fellow alums, and help recruit prospective students where they live and worship.”
-Dr. David Behrs, VP for Enrollment Management