Resources: Can We Have a REAL Conversation about Race?

Moderator and panelists will speak frankly about their own experiences as people of color, and will explore ways to learn how we can embrace each other regardless of color, economic status.

A Listening Way: A Pilgrimage to Stations of the Cross

Come and have your own Holy Week experience, making a pilgrimage to the stations of the cross before you lead others in Holy Week.

The Center’s Rev. Floyd Thompkins Preaches in Charlottesville, VA

Westminster Presbyterian Church is a progressive and vital presence in Charlottesville.

An Invitation from the Chaplain: 2018 Lenten Devotions

Each year for Lent, SFTS gathers a community of writers to engage Scripture and write daily devotions around a shared theme, “A Listening Way.”

Black History Month @ SFTS

Worship and attend innovative seminars and symposia in honor of Black History Month throughout the month of February!

Womanist Symposium: …But I’m Still Here

In honor of Black History Month, San Francisco Theological Seminary welcomes Teresa Fry Brown and Courtney Bryant Prince for a womanist symposium honoring the voices and experiences of Black women and their contributions to society throughout history.

2017 Advent Devotions: The World Is About to Turn

The San Francisco Theological Seminary community invites you to join us in reflection and prayer through Daily Devotions for Lent.