Dec 20: Sing to our God, Hallelujah!


Dec 20: Sing to our God, Hallelujah!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sing to our God, Hallelujah!
Psalm 98

He was almost 4. We were grocery shopping.
Luke in the cart. Me, rushing to check off a list.
School would be out soon for my other kids.
It was just one of those days when everyone seemed grumpy and rushed.
Nobody smiled. I wanted to get done and go home.  The store was packed.
Then, the singing began. Luke was always singing.
That day, he selected the “Hallelujah Chorus.” He was really belting it out, too.
“Where did you learn that?”
“Mommy, it’s my ‘man-opera,’” he took a quick break to confide.
He continued singing.  It was loud. Pretty good. But, loud.
It brought a woman around the corner, probably somebody’s grandmother.
She saw where the music was coming from, gave a broad smile and stayed to listen.
On her heels, a couple rounded the corner to check out the concert – more smiles.
Then, a person who had bumped into me and kept going earlier peeked her head around the aisle. A taut and strained face melted into a soft and kind expression.
People began to show up right there in the cereal aisle – life slowed down for a few moments.
Needing little encouragement, he sang it to the end.
We all smiled together at his beautiful little voice singing so passionately – and loud.

The wise psalmist said....

“Sing to our God!” Just sing!
Make a joyful noise to our God!
Break out the instruments – a lyre, a trumpet, why not all the horns?!
Wake up the neighborhood!
The seas and the rivers – wake them up and let them roar!
The noise will make the floods rise so they will be loud with clapping music.
The hills will stand up and sing in sheer joy!

The wise psalmist knew.....

The beat of the song is found deep within the beat of our hearts.
In the place where we’re most vulnerable.
In the place where we feel and laugh and cry and remember the most.
In the place where joy replaces anxiety – the two won’t reside together

The heartbeat of God is heard in voices lifted in joyful song.
Singing for the beauty of creation,
Singing for the celebration of diversity,
Singing to embrace the tasks and work of justice and peace,
Singing because we believe in the heartbeat of God, who is ever-faithful, always
victorious – the one who does marvelous things.

Sing to our God, Hallelujah!

Rev. Ellen Baxter
SFTS Director of Admissions
SFTS M.Div. 2006