December 13: Whose Voice?


Advent Devotion: Whose Voice?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Luke 1:57-66

Whose voices do we listen to? In this passage, Elizabeth speaks but nobody listens. She knew that the baby in her womb was to be named John, the prophet who would foretell the birth of Jesus. The angel Gabriel had told her husband, Zechariah, of the news of their new baby, but Elizabeth’s husband did not believe. His voice was taken away by the angel. He did not speak up because Zechariah did not believe in God’s promises. But Elizabeth did. Luke lifts up the voice of Elizabeth, a middle-aged woman, shamed for her inability to have children (until God intervened). She was given a voice to speak the truth.

The yearning I hear in Luke is for the voiceless to be heard. I am reminded of the #MeToo campaign on social media, as women unite to tell their stories: to stand up to sexual abuse in the workplace, on the campaign trail, and in the home. One voice spoke up, then another, and another. Soon there was a multitude of voices, giving voice to an unjust system that sides with those in power, that relegates women to second-class status.

Whose voices do we hear today? Do we hear the voices of those who silently suffer? We are called to pay attention to the voices of the oppressed. Those who believe in God and who have faith in God’s coming reign in the incarnation of Jesus Christ are called to believe in a world that is so much bigger and so much more whole. Our world is turning. We each have the ability to act through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave voice to the voiceless and calls on us to speak truth to power.

Whose voice will you listen to today?

Brook Scott
SFTS MDiv Student