December 7: “We Are the Ones We Are Waiting For”


Advent Devotion: "We Are the Ones We Are Waiting For"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Isaiah 40:1-11

What shall I cry?
What shall I cry?
Do I cry comfort?
Do I cry justice?
Do I cry repentance?
Do I cry mercy?
Do I cry for help?
What if my voice is too weary from crying?

I yearn for the good tidings,
The strengthening of the weary voices and hearts
Broken by the stream of media interference and desperate attempts to shatter one more life;
To rip the fabric from the seams,
To break the marrow from the bones.

Comfort, comfort, o my people.
Oh God, I want comfort.
I want comfort for your people,
I want comfort for myself,
In my work place,
In my place of worship,
In my own skin.

In the wilderness of our world,
I am the voice crying out.
I am the one straddling the line of faith and fear,
Of justice and compassion,
With knocking knees and trembling hands,
With the Bible and the newspaper dividing my hands.

And yet,
I step back into the world,
And wrap my arms around every single child of God I meet.
Giving comfort when I am scared,
Finding Holy Ground when I am lost,
Finding the voice in the wilderness,
Wiping away all tears,
Drawing near to the dawn.

Placing the melody into my bones,
The voice calls me to one more step forward –
To one more day working for hope instead of fear;
Holding the darkness and the light as siblings and equals
Both loved exactly as they are –
To one more day of the body of Christ, in all its holy chaos;
To one more day of the world about to turn.

Rev. Rachel Pence
Associate Pastor for Young Adults and Young Families
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN
SFTS M.Div. 2014

Note:  The title of the devotion is quoted from a poem by poet June Jordan, and also may be familiar as a civil rights song recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock and as the title of a book by Alice Walker.