Distinguished Faculty Lecture at the GTU

Dr. Elizabeth Liebert, “Academic Life and Scholarship as Spiritual Practice”

Thursday, November 10, 2016 – 7:00pm | Pacific School of Religion Chapel in Berkeley (map)

elizabethliebertThis lecture and conversation will explore the possibility that academic life, and scholarship in particular, is, in fact, a spiritual practice. This claim may be self-evident for some, since the modern university was originally staffed by religious persons who assumed that their scholarship was spiritual practice. But for others, living on this side of the Enlightenment, scholarship is simply (though profoundly) a professional calling, not perceived as having anything to do with one’s spiritual life, even if the scholar would claim to lead a spiritual life. Others may stumble on the term “spiritual,” wondering what it means when used as part of this claim. After offering a rationale for this claim, the evening will conclude with perspectives from colleagues schooled in two very different scholarly methodologies.

Robert John Russell, Ian G. Barbour Professor of Theology and Science (CTNS/GTU), and Kathryn Barush, Thomas E. Bertelsen Assistant Professor of Art History and Religion (JST/GTU) will offer their perspectives in response.
Event details:
Thursday, November 10 at 7:00pm
Pacific School of Religion Chapel
Followed by a reception in the Badé Museum