SFTS launched six strategic initiatives that reflect exciting changes and meaningful opportunities to invest in our future.

  1. We have launched the Center for Innovation in Ministry – catalyst, incubator, and resource for the 21st century Church. The Center’s mission is to encourage faith communities to think and act creatively about how they can engage the world with the good news of the Gospel. The Center is not another think tank – it is a “think, do, and be” tank.
  2. We have re-calibrated the M.Div. curriculum to serve the future Church by crafting flexible master’s degree programs in order to accommodate the changing demographic of the student body. Our programs have broader applicability to the pressing issues of the Church and society in the 21st century; our graduates are prepared to make a difference in ministries of peace, justice, reconciliation and healing
  3. New certificate and diploma programs that reach out to wider constituencies are offered to appeal to a broad group of individuals who are not necessarily in the field of ministry. Examples include:
  4. Strengthen and increase our partnerships with congregations, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, and other institutions of higher learning – to enrich through these partnerships the educational experience in the Seminary and help our students connect what they learn in the classroom to the issues faced in congregations and communities throughout the world.
  5.  In 2014-2015, we recapitalized the fixed asset base of the Seminary, repositioned the SFTS endowment, and implemented the SFTS Campus Property Plan (CPP). The Board of Trustees authorized the bulk sale of off-campus properties and the construction of new student and faculty housing. The CPP repositions the SFTS campus to be efficient in its operating costs, flexible in its multiple uses, and effective in its use of the campus footprint in San Anselmo.
  6. SFTS is engaged in a $6 million fundraising initiative called Chapter 1: Designing a Mosaic for Ministry. The Board of Trustees and Alumni Council have, together, committed to raise $2.5 million and join 10 other SFTS constituencies to achieve the $6 million goal.