Jerry Van Marter will be administrator of class offered at the GA this June

SFTS’s alumni relations advisor Jerry Van Marter will be one third of a triad presenting a for-credit class, “Presbyterianism: Principles and Practices,” at this summer’s General Assembly in Portland.

From June 16 through June 25, 2016, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary will co-sponsor the course. Students from all of the PC(USA)-related seminaries are eligible to apply, with financial assistance being offered by the Presbyterian Writers Guild and by local Presbyterian congregations in Portland. The course is designed to provide current seminary students with a firsthand experience of how a General Assembly works.

Rev. Jerry Van Marter, former director of the Presbyterian News Service and stated clerk of the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky, is the course administrator. “Since 1967, when I attended my first General Assembly while a college student, I have been enthralled by the ministry and mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the way the General Assembly goes about discerning and organizing that mission and ministry,” said Van Marter. “Nearly everyone who attends a General Assembly describes it as a life-changing experience. I wish this class had been available when I first attended General Assembly.”

Following the March 1, 2016, registration deadline, Van Marter said that the course may be opened on a space-available basis to local, Portland-area pastors who are interested in auditing or receiving continuing education credit for the course. For more information and/or to receive the course syllabus and rubric—which includes reading list, detailed schedule, and requirements needed to receive credit, visit the Louisville Seminary website.

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GA222 is headed to Portland!