Interdisciplinary Lectures

Interdisciplinary Lectures are presented by a different professor each week using a common theme each semester, providing valuable context and an opportunity for dialogue. The lectures bring faculty and students together, along with other members of the STFS community. For more information about the lectures, click here.

Fall 2018 Semester: “Race, Ethnicity, and Religion”

9.5.2018  Sandhya Jha
Director, Oakland Peace Center Oakland Peace Center

How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race

9.12.2018  Sarah Sanderson-Doughty
Senior Pastor, Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church (Portland, OR)

Understanding Racism and a Theology of Sin

9.19.2018  Dr. Andrew Wymer
Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Glances at Whiteness from the Pulpit: Practicing, Hearing, and Idolizing Racial Domination Whiteness 

9.26.2018  Dr. Rachel Schneider
Rice University

Supremacy, Fragility, and White Religion

10.3.2018  Fatima Varner

Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences, University of Texas-Austin

Racial Discrimination and the Black Family

10.10.2018  Chelsea Yarborough

PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University

What is the Black Church?

10.31.2018  Brooke LaVelle

Co-Founder/President, Courage of Care

For the Love of Community: Courageous Compassion for Collective Liberation

11.7.2018  Jennifer Owens-Jofre

Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow, Austin Presbyterian Seminary

Hospitality and Colorism in Latinx Communities: Interdisciplinary Reflections

11.14.2018  Ángel Jazak Gallardo, PhD

Southern Methodist University

Mapping Nepantla Poetics: Towards a Decolonial Latinx Theological Imagination

Fall 2017 Semester: “Protestants: Critical, Theological, and Personal Reassessments”

Karlfried Froehlich, Princeton Theological Seminary, emeritus
“Twentieth Century Lutheran-Catholic Relations: Theory and Practice.”

Dr. Wendy Farley, Director of the Program in Christian Spirituality, Rice Family Chair of Spirituality
“The Protestant Principle and the Demonic”

Rev. Dr. Jana Childers, Dean of the Seminary
“‘The Very Lips of Christ’: Preaching and the Reformed Tradition”

Rev. Dr. Laurie Garrett-Cobbina, Shaw Chair for Clinical Pastoral Education, Assistant Professor of CPE
“Pastoral Core Perspectives on European Reformation: Religion, War, Famine, and Death”

Dr. Marcia McFee, Ford Fellow, Visiting Professor of Worship
“Bodies of Worship: Protestant Patterns, Problems, and Possibilities”

Dr. Christopher Ocker, Professor of Church History
“The Reformation after 500 Years”

Rev. Yolanda Norton, Assistant Professor, Old Testament
The Hidden Hebrew Bible: Excluded Texts in the Protestant Canon

Phil Erwin, Interim Assistant Professor of New Testament
“New Testament: Paul and Protestant Aniconism”

Spring 2017 Semester: “Migration and Movements”

Rev. Dr. Laurie Garrett-Cobbina, Shaw Chair for Clinical Pastoral Education, Assistant Professor of CPE
“World Shifting Migration and Movement”

David Ezekiel, 2016-2017 Ford Fellow
“From Religion to Spirituality: the Fourth Great Awakening”

Rev. Yolanda Norton, Associate Professor of Old Testament
“Ger & Galut”

Rev. Dr. Eugene Eung Chun Park, Dornsife Professor of New Testament
“Hypothetical Migration: From Palestine to Syria (Antioch)”

Dr. Christopher Ocker, Professor of Church History
“Migrations of Jerusalem”

Rev. Dr. James L. McDonald, President of the Seminary
“Movement and the Church”

Rev. Dr. Jon Berquist, Visiting Professor of Old Testament
“Migrations & Movements as Interplay of Memory & Imagination”

Rev. Dr. Teresa Chavez-Sauceda, Director of Advanced Pastoral Studies
“World Travel in Your Own Neighborhood”

Dr. Wendy Farley, Director of the Program in Christian Spirituality, Rice Family Chair in Spirituality
“Faith as Exile: Dark Times and Inner Immigration in the Writings of Hannah Arendt, Rosemarie Harding, and the Didache”

Rev. Dr. Greg Love
“Communal Unity and Strangers: The Ethics of Community for Jesus and Paul”

Rev. Dr. Annette Weissenrieder, Former Associate Professor of New Testament
“Strangers & Aliens No Longer: (Jewish) Diaspora Communities & Civil Identities”

Rev. Floyd Thompkins, Director of the Center for Innovation in Ministry
“Civil Rights Movement”