An Invitation from the Chaplain: 2018 Lenten Devotions


2018 Lenten Devotions:
"A Listening Way"

An Invitation from the SFTS Chaplain to Join in the SFTS Lenten Devotions


Dear Friends in Christ,

Grace and peace to you, as we prepare to enter the season of Lent.  As you may know, each year for Advent and Lent, SFTS gathers a community of writers to engage Scripture and write daily devotions around a shared theme for the season.  I wanted to write and welcome you to this year’s Lenten series, and to introduce our theme.

In our Lenten devotions this year, we will set out together on “A Listening Way.”  We’ve come to this Lenten theme with at least two meanings in mind:

In one sense, we will be thinking of Lent as “a listening way” – as a listening journey.  During Lent, we travel with Jesus (and with each other) toward Holy Week and toward the cross (and beyond the cross, toward Resurrection) – listening.  Listening to Jesus (and Creator and Spirit); listening to Scripture; listening to our lives, and to our imagination, and to the world around us, and to the still, small voice within…listening.

And, in another sense, we also want to explore together specific ways of listening – practices – practices of prayer and service and community that we can live out and embody… along the way.  At the heart of our understanding of spirituality at SFTS is the commitment that our praying is always connected to living, and serving, and sharing in God’s liberating and loving work in the world.

Thank you for joining us as we set out on this listening way – as we embark on the Lenten way of Jesus, listening and living and growing in love as we go. To receive these daily devotions during the seasons of Lent and Advent, please click here to sign up.

May you experience blessings along the way –

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Scott Clark
Chaplain and Associate Dean of Student Life
San Francisco Theological Seminary