Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Who's Listening to Whom?
Mark 7:24-30

I don’t know what’s gotten into my daughter, she’s completely out of control and driving me crazy, maybe she’s sick or maybe she’s possessed – I can’t tell and I don’t know what to do with her.  I heard there’s a wonder-working healer come over here to Tyre from Galilee; he’s trying to lie low, but news gets around.  So I decide to give him a try: I go to the house where he’s staying; I kneel down properly in front of him and ask him nicely to do something for this daughter of mine.  And what does he do?  He just brushes me off, in fact practically calls me a dog, not good enough to share the goodies meant for the children of the family.  Well what did I expect a Jewish man to do for me, a woman, and a “Greek,” not one of his people.  I jump up and snap back, “Sir, even dogs get some of the crumbs that fall under the family table,” and I start to flounce out of the room.  But wait, he’s still standing there, looking me straight in the eye now, and after a pause he says, “Good point – go home and you’ll see your daughter’s problem has left her.”  And sure enough, when I get home, there she is lying on the bed, calm as you please, and she’s been fine ever since.   I’ve heard that some of that Jew’s hangers-on are claiming I was screaming at them, begging for mercy from the “son of David,” and pestering them to get his attention – they’re calling me all kinds of names.  Not likely I’d do that.  Actually, at the time I wasn’t all that sure he could, or would, do anything for me; I just trusted it was worth asking him. But now?  Now I would trust that one to share what he has to offer, bread or crumbs, with anyone.

Dr. Polly Coote
SFTS Former Faculty, Associate Dean, and Registrar