Thursday, March 22, 2018

"My Ears Must Be Broken!"
Isaiah 55:1-13

I pull out my Bible and read Isaiah 55 aloud and hear the words as they flow from my mouth.  Closing my eyes I pray, “God open the ears of my heart that I may hear what you are speaking to me in these words.”  Once again I speak the passage out loud trying to hear the voice of God.  I pray once again, I read once again and, to my surprise, I hear nothing.  “Am I doing something wrong?” Reading slowly this time, I focus on my ears so that they may hear… again silence.  “My ears must be broken!” I cry aloud. I try a final time willing myself to HEAR something, anything… and again I fail.  My head falls, Splat! Forehead first into my Bible.  Having exhausted all my techniques I give up, and that is when I finally begin to listen… something is riding on the cold February breeze.  Distant at first, but it grows.  It is the sound of children laughing on the playground.   Lifting my head I laugh along with them.

Laughter: The rich food that I delight in and live for.
Laughter: The way God was speaking to me while I was trying to hear my own way.
Laughter: The sound that mirrors the mountains’ song and the tress’ clapping.

Creator God, forgive me when I try so hard to hear that I forget to listen.  Allow the sound of laughter to bring me back to your invitation to abundance, so that I may venture forth in joy and peace, ready to listen to the distress of the world, the heartache of the broken, and the pain of all who are suffering.  Amen.

Andrew P. Quick
SFTS MDiv Student