#MeToo, Believing in Women’s Equality



A panel discussion with issues specific to the Church

On November 9th, SFTS hosted a panel discussion moderated by Rev. Bev Brewster of Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo.

Topics included:

  • The church as a place for dealing with past trauma
  • Misconduct by congregants against women pastors
  • The sense of entitlement by some that excuses or enables assault on the selfhood of others


  • Rev. Dr. Teresa Chavez-Sauceda, Assistant Professor of Ministry, Director of Advanced Pastoral Studies, SFTS
  • Rev. Dr. Laurie Garrett-Cobbina, Chief Diversity Officer, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Education, Shaw Chair for CPE, Director of Shaw Institute, SFTS
  • Sylvia Thorson-Smith, Member, PCUSA Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (PCUSA ACSWP)
  • Dr. Jeanne Choy Tate, CLP

***When watching the video, please be advised that the panel discussion was centered on the subject of sexual misconduct in the church and society, with some references that would not be appropriate for children.

Photos from #MeToo Panel Discussion