Master of Arts in Theological Studies


The Master of Arts in Theological Studies fosters development of theological understanding as part of educational, professional, and spiritual growth. The MATS is a general academic degree, providing balanced exposure to the theological disciplines while allowing for focus on an area of interest. This degree is appropriate for students who:

  • Are not seeking ordination but wish to work in a church setting.
  • Are ordained but need further academic work in theological studies.
  • Wish to enhance one’s understanding of theological perspectives and religious practices for personal growth or to relate to another professional field.

The program allows for concentration in a field of study to a greater extent than the MDiv requirements generally permit. The faculty and disciplines are organized into three curricular areas: (1) Biblical Studies, (2) Church History & Theology, and (3) Ministry & Spirituality. The specific learning outcomes of the MATS degree are to:

  • Know a selected theological discipline.
  • Analyze and comprehend major questions in the field and alternative solutions to them.
  • Formulate and effectively explain an original solution to a theological problem.


For more information, please contact:

Isai Garcia, Associate Director of Admissions Operations | 415.451.2831