San Francisco Graduate School of Theology

SFTS’s graduate school of theology continues to lead the 21st century in ministry innovations. As an alumnus, you know that we are alive with cutting-edge programming for PhD seminary students, graduate programs, and second career pastors. Our alumni have gone out to serve Christ’s church in a variety of rich, rewarding and life-changing ministries, including careers in healthcare, law, business, education, ministry and journalism.

You are one of more than 4,500 individuals who have graduated from SFTS into the world of ministries. Together, your lives, work and care have touched literally hundreds of thousands of people. SFTS’s alumni are often among most distinguished and important people in their communities.

One of the ways you can become involved in the future of SFTS and its students is to become a member of the Alumni-Admissions Liaison Volunteer Program. Alumni Ambassadors are important to SFTS’ admissions recruitment efforts as they meet individually with potential applicants, staff college/seminary fairs, and host local receptions for admitted and entering seminary students. AALV members not only share their experiences and information about SFTS, but also help to personalize the admissions process for seminary candidates each year. SFTS AALV members are a group of proud alumni who serve as enthusiastic ambassadors to prospective seminary students and families in all 50 states and across the globe.

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