Program in Christian Spirituality

Spiritual Direction, Formation, and World Engagement

A self there is that listens in the heart
To what is past the range of human speech,
Which yet has urgent tidings to impart—
The all-but-uttered, and yet out of reach
Walter de la Mare

We at SFTS celebrate the depth and beauty of human spirituality in its many cultural and religious expressions, and are thirsty for open-hearted companions who can contribute to the “mending of the world.” Our spirituality programs rest on the belief that we are called to awaken our hearts to others through practice, study, and community. We encourage practices of compassion, justice, and prayer to enhance our capacities for contemplative listening to one another, to the current situation, and to the Divine Beloved. 

In addition to a Concentration in Spiritual Formation available through the MDiv degree, SFTS offers retreats, certificate, and diploma opportunities that integrate spiritual formation, contemplative listening, and social awareness. We welcome inquirers who strongly identify with the church as well as those who wander among spiritual traditions or whose primary spiritual communities are ones of care or activism. We invite spiritual directors, pastors and social activists. We invite teachers and nurses and social workers. We invite spiritual seekers, trans-religious, and non-affiliated. Through our retreats, certificate, and diploma programs we hope to support the many ways people seek the Divine and contribute to their communities.

Four Entry Points:

Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction (DASD) Application

Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction & Formation (CASD) Application

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Wendy Farley, Director, Program in Christian Spirituality
Rice Family Chair in Spirituality

415.451.2867 |

The SFTS Program in Christian Spirituality was one of the first to offer spiritual direction training in a Protestant seminary. Its ground-breaking approach to spirituality combined head and heart, prayer and public witness, ancient practices and contemporary experimentation across many faith traditions. In 2016 it celebrated its twentieth year. Diploma graduates have enriched many communities with their deep knowledge and practice. In addition to providing a strong model for spiritual direction within churches, graduates have also used their skills to council groups in distress, develop coaching practices, teach mindful pedagogies, work for justice, lead retreats, develop approaches to contemplative art. They have started spiritual direction programs in other parts of the United States and Korea and much more.


Encouraging Supervision after Your D/CASDF Training is Complete

By Rev. Dr. Rebecca Cole-Turner, CJN
Member, D/CASDF Alumni Council

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