The San Francisco Theological Seminary offers a variety of ways to assist you with the costs of graduate school. Financial aid, grants, and scholarships for theology students are just some of the opportunities you can explore. Learn more about the available student aid and seminary scholarships offered at SFTS, as well as other forms of financial support.

Tuition costs are subject to change. For the latest information, please contact the appropriate program office.

2017-2018 Tuition:

MDiv and MATS Candidates
Annual – $14,200
Semester – $7,100

Unclassified Students
Per 3-unit course – $1,704
Per unit – $568

Per 3-unit course – $260
(no fee for enrolled masters students)

MA candidates – GTU
Annual – $17,592
Per unit – $733
Semester (12 units) – $8,796
Year – $17,592
MA students in course work (first two years at
full-time enrollment) pay per credit for all courses taken, including Intersession and Summer Session courses.

Continuing fee (per semester, after first two years) – $4,400
More than 12 units per semester, Intersession and Summer Session charged at the per unit fee.

DMin (beginning Fall 2017)
(Foundational courses and
resources seminars – 6 required)
Per course – $1,840
DMin Supervision (per semester) – $500
Auditor (student must have completed
six DMin seminars) – $400

Continuing Education Seminars
Continuing education (per course) – $780

Clinical Pastoral Education
Per 1-unit course – $624
Application fee – $25
CPE student activity fee – $60

Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction
(including continuing on-line study group and 1.5 on line academic credit) – $7,100

Certificate in Spiritual Direction – $5,000

Spirituality Retreats – $1,250

Diploma in Executive Leadership
Total program tuition – $2,496

Diploma in Advanced Pastoral Studies
Per course – $1,840

2017-2018 Fees:

Application fee
MDiv, MATS, and D.Min. – $50
MA (payable to GTU) – $40
PhD, ThD (payable to GTU) – $135
DASD – $40
Late Registration Fee – $100
Change in Enrollment Fee – $50

Continuing fees
MDiv (after 6 semesters of tuition): $1,000/semester

MATS (after 4 semesters of tuition): $1,000/semester

GTU MA (after 2 years of tuition): $4,400/semester

MDiv full-year interns not paying tuition: $50/semester

Leave of Absence GTU MA: $100

Graduation fee
MDiv and MATS – $75
DMin (includes thesis-binding fee) – $100
GTU MA (payable to GTU) – $150
DASD – $75

Activity fee
$100 per semester
(This fee is assessed for any student
registered at least half-time and for all
SFTS students living on campus,
regardless of enrollment status.)