Dec 24: The Time Sets the Heartbeat


Dec 24: The Time Sets the Heartbeat

Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016

The Time Sets the Heartbeat
Luke 2:1-15

The rhythm of our heart is affected by what time it is. The season and milieu of this story of the birth of Jesus is one of oppression by an occupying force, with great dislocation. Surely hearts beat faster, and with anxiety!

Yet the time of the birthing came, as it does inexorably — a baby comes when the time is right. All attention in the mother, father, baby is focused on this moment of being born; all are calibrated to the cadence of bringing a new life to birth. Amid the flurry of things that must be done, there is that moment when our hearts slow to savor and rejoice, to look in wonder at the One who has emerged, an unrepeatable miracle.

In this last night of waiting, this Christmas Eve, we can’t help but be aware of the anxiety and chaos of the world around us. Yet we also observe the time to ask what is being born in us, for us – tonight, what needs nourishment, shelter, tender loving care. There is enough time for our hearts to beat with the Joy of the World coming to dwell in and among us.

Then, at the right time, with the shepherds, we will know that NOW is the time to get up and run to participate in the collateral blessing of the Holy One among us, to bring Light to the world.

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Nordquist (Honorably Retired)
SFTS Former Faculty and Director of Student Services, Southern California Campus