December 12: Psalm 19: The Warrior and The Prophet Get Married


Advent Devotion: Psalm 19: The Warrior and The Prophet Get Married

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Psalm 19

It was a constant marvel to me:
his ability to start days as if each was the first in a short line.

To absorb himself in two things at once,
like nowadays; we argued about the minor prophets
as he stood at the mirror and readied himself. ‘His armor.’
I didn’t think he was serious, at first;
but layer by layer he built himself out to the world—
hair, skin, teeth, jeans, shirt,
who knows what more. Greaves and vambraces. Armor.
I leaned on the doorframe and watched the parade of bottles and jars.
I think I rolled my involuntary eyes and he caught it in the glass.
“Baby,” he said, “the process to get this beautiful is not pretty.”

Each day was like an open door with the sun shining through.

When we left the house, I walked as if the world would be better
for my light touch. He walked
as if the force from the balls of his feet
could actually turn the world underneath us,
make the horizon come that much faster. An incremental push to the chariot of the sun.

It’s how we were:
He bristled and looked for the fight when I needed someone in armor.
I could hold him back by his straining shoulder,
help him pause for the blessed seasons
come in their ripe time.

I said proverbs like charms ‘til my eyes started fires.
Reminders, spells of survival
against something unyielding.
He sang like the sun was shining somewhere.

I looked for the hidden culprit; he for the citadel.
I watched for the bee; he gathered the honey.

With that gaze like a marathon, Adonai knew we needed balance—
words and meditations from each other’s heart.

Holding hands was a prayer from us both, I think. It was a dare. It was our vow.
to God and the world
and each other.

Let us push the world; we can race to meet it. Only the fear of God is forever. 
Let us add our weight to all people wading against a filthy tide. 
Let us stand still, as if we were a cloud in a painting, 
hoping against hope for the joy of the morning.

Lucas Walker
SFTS Pastoral Care Associate
SFTS MDiv 2012; MATS 2015