Here at San Francisco Theological Seminary, we believe that spirituality and social justice are inseparable. We are reshaping Christian graduate degree education to speak to the circumstances of a world in upheaval and to a Church that seeks to be positive and faithfully responsive in the midst of such turmoil and change.

Founded in 1871 as an experiment, SFTS is a Presbyterian theological college that serves as a place of hope, possibility, and learning on the West Coast. Our founders envisioned a theological seminary that was poised to be a leader into the 21st century, deeply connected to our local communities and beyond by training people in ministries of social justice, peace, and spirituality.

Nearly 150 years later, we are releasing a new energy of innovation for a new generation of leaders for today’s Church. We are bringing together a broad range of partners for conversation, collaboration, and creativity for the good of the Church and healing of the world.

To get involved with programs that actively engage individuals and organizations to remain on the growing edge of the ever-changing spiritual, social and economic challenges facing society, please visit

“To practice authentic spiritual leadership is to be in touch with a deep sense of self that includes and integrates who we are called to be and what we do because of that call.”

–Dr. Marcia McFee