Center for Innovation in Ministry at SFTS

Interfaith Ministries, seminaries and institutes

The Center for Innovation in Ministry is an expression of San Francisco Theological Seminary’s commitment to remain on the growing edge of the ever-changing spiritual, social and economic challenges facing society.

We seek to stimulate collaborations and ignite positive breakthroughs. We link up individual innovators and partner with congregations, educational organizations, seminaries and institutes seeking to do good in the world. Together we create, discover, incubate and disseminate effective responses to our common challenges.

People of good will everywhere can engage through interfaith ministries, spiritual guidance partnerships, online theology courses, on-campus and off-campus seminars, and various social media platforms to find the deep wisdom that can make the world a better place for us all.

Build Capacity for Innovation in the Church

The Center’s programs are designed to promote collaboration and experimentation; impart critical skills for generating participatory, creative approaches to issues, problems, and challenges; and focus on results.

Connect Innovators to Each Other

There are individuals and groups that are already successfully practicing new forms of ministry. However, they are often working in isolation. The Center will link innovators with each other, both within and across fields, and facilitate conversations that allow cross-pollination of ideas and activities.

Connect Innovators to the Church

Many innovations taking place both inside and outside of the Church can be harnessed by faith communities to catalyze and advance the Church’s ministry. The Center introduces these innovators to congregational leaders who are searching for new approaches that would resonate in their contexts and communities.

Rev. Floyd Thompkins

Director, Center for Innovation in Ministry

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