March 4: Wrestling with God


March 4: Wrestling with God

Peniel, the place where Jacob wrestled with God, could very well be Washington, DC today. It is where I wrestle daily with how, as a Christian, I do not lose my spiritual mooring in the face of the attacks on women, immigrants, LBTQ people, and people of color.

I was furious when the election results were announced last year. My faith was shaken. How could someone whose rhetoric was so full of racism, xenophobia, and misogyny become president of the United States? Is God teaching us a lesson?

Mind you, I am not angry with God – just faithfully inquisitive. I could have let my anger consume me, instead, I chose to bank my anger to fuel me for the struggles ahead. I chose to bank my anger to strengthen me as my faith is being tested.

That is why for this Lent, I decided not to give up anything, but rather, I am taking time out to wrestle more with this question: How can I remain strong in my faith despite the actions of the Administration and the 115th Congress?

Jacob’s struggle with God came at a critical time. His brother Esau, whom he cheated out of his birthright, was on his way with hundreds of men to meet him. Jacob spent a sleepless night, planning and praying. It was then that he wrestled with God.

Jacob’s story tells me that we must never give up on any struggle because there is always an end to it. Jacob was sustained through constant and persistent prayers. Even if we are maimed, as Jacob was, we will be blessed at the end of a struggle. We will emerge new persons.

Honestly, I do not know how I will be changed at the end of my Lenten struggle. I only hope and fervently pray that God will bless me with a stronger faith to sustain me in fighting for God’s kingdom on earth.

Adlai Amor
Member, SFTS Board of Trustees