March 9: Am I willing to be the cause?


Lenten Devotion: Am I willing to be the cause?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Am I willing to be the cause?
Luke 11:1-13

Am I willing to be the cause

of every light in the street?

Someone real wakes me from a dream of Justice, and I must
wake another to the need.

But God is in bed with Their children
and I’ve forgotten the narrow way to a heavenly doorbell
somewhere in a council estate.
am I willing to be the cause
for every light on?

Let’s say I am; say
I overcome my reticence, say
my presence is not an imposition
my desire to feed Justice
at my door means stumbling through yards
rapping my knuckles raw, apologizing
rapping my knuckles raw cheerfully demanding.

A door opened in exasperation
some bathrobe standing there fuming at my tenacity
is still a door that opened.
Let’s say that is who I am.
not something I just aspire to embody by the time I’m 60.

If I believe God, why can’t I

They’ve been listening unsleeping in the dark
eyes closed, mapping a trail of obstinate porchlights
exulting as the sound of those I rouse
draws louder with my every try.

this is so:
when They open the door
I am as much found
as I find.

good God. for that and for You
I should wake a damnéd city without flinching.

Someone woke me from only a dream of Justice, and I am a chain reaction
waking someone else to need.
pray the links remain a glow
for me to trace home. A faint guest is waiting
under my own lamp, eyes closed, hope of my nearing step.

Lucas Walker
SFTS Pastoral Care Associate
SFTS MDiv 2012; MATS 2015