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If you are interested in taking classes for credit at SFTS without earning a degree, you may take any Graduate Theological Union Masters course for which you qualify as a Non-Degree Student. The only document required is a copy of your undergraduate transcript which shows the awarding of your baccalaureate degree. If you are currently in the process of receiving your undergraduate degree, please upload a current transcript and you may be considered for acceptance with faculty approval. If English is not your first language, you should note that participation in the MDiv classes on the San Anselmo/Berkeley campus presumes proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English.

The next opportunity for online classes is the fall semester, beginning September 4.

Spring Semester 2019

Religion, Violence, and Peace with Dr. Kathryn Poethig (Hybrid Course)

From a global interdisciplinary perspective, this course will consider theories of religious violence and the nature of religiously inflected conflicts. It will address theological ethics, theories and practices of peace-building that claim to bring about a just, decolonial peace. The course will consider ethical responses to war (pacifism, just war, just peace, humanitarian intervention), and normative regimes and peace movements that respond to violence. It also includes three US Institute of Peace short online modules and four face-to-face sessions. The face-to-face sessions will be Fridays 12-2pm (February 8, March 1, and May 10; other meeting TBA.)

Course Number: CE-8130

Ritual Practice and Curating a Life of Depth for “Nones” with Dr. Marcia McFee

Research points to increased diversity in the US population when it comes to “spirituality.” Many are finding meaning in ways that do not involve traditional religious affiliations–as the term “Nones” describes. This course will look creatively at the ways that life-passage ritual practices and activities for curating a life of depth might be articulated for the religiously unaffiliated. A live and recorded video-conference at the beginning and end of the semester (scheduled according to the availability of the participants enrolled) will bookend an independent study format wherein students choose from a list of research materials, find their own materials related to their inquiry, and share their findings online with other participants. Optional opportunities will be offered to be part of creative projects related to this topic with the instructor, live or online.

Course Number: FT-8250

Introduction to Preaching with Rev. Dr. Jana Childers

This course is an introduction to the composition and delivery of sermons with attention to hermeneutical and theological issues. Students will examine several different homiletical models as well as a breadth of preaching forms from verse-by-verse to the “Lowry Loop.”  Students will practice preaching throughout the semester and receive instructor feedback and critique that both honors the tradition of preaching and supports students finding their own voice.

Course Number: HM-8101

History of Christian Spirituality with Rev. Dr. Wendy Farely

This course will explore classics of Christian spirituality from medieval mysticism to the civil rights movement. Emphasis will be placed on careful reading of primary texts. In addition to shorter papers on specific texts, a term paper will be due at the end of the course.

Course Number: SPHS-8200


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If you are not currently a student at SFTS, we invite you to enroll in one of our online classes! You can become a Non-Degree Student if you have a baccalaureate degree and follow the instructions located here.