Online Courses

If you are interested in taking classes for credit at SFTS without earning a degree, you may take any Graduate Theological Union Masters course for which you qualify as a Non-Degree Student. The only document required is a copy of your undergraduate transcript which shows the awarding of your baccalaureate degree. If you are currently in the process of receiving your undergraduate degree, please upload a current transcript and you may be considered for acceptance with faculty approval. If English is not your first language, you should note that participation in the MDiv classes on the San Anselmo/Berkeley campus presumes proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English.

The next opportunity for online classes is the Spring semester, beginning January 29. You may search for available classes in the Spring semester here.

Spring Semester 2018

Religion, Violence, and Peace with Dr. Kathryn Poethig

This course takes on the lens of conflict transformation to ask how to move from violence to peacebuilding, who are the stakeholders, and the part religions play on either side of the spectrum. It examines the role of religion through theory and case studies. In part, we ask what is the political nature of religious violence, the discursive frames for victims, martyrs, perpetrators, testimony and trauma? We consider the role of religion in peacebuilding and conflict transformation through radical embrace, hope, memory work, reconciliation and reframed theodicy.

Course Number: CE-8130

Introduction to Preaching with Rev. Dr. Jana Childers and Rev. Sam Alexander  

An introduction to the composition and delivery of sermons with attention to hermeneutical and theological issues. Students will examine several different homiletical models as well as a breadth of different forms of preaching from verse-by-verse to the “Lowry Loop.”  Students will practice preaching throughout the semester and receive instructor feedback and critique that both honors the tradition of preaching and supports students finding their own voices.

Course Number: HM-8101

New Testament Introduction: Gospels & Acts with Rev. Dr. Eugene Eung-Chun Park

A general introduction to the canonical and apocryphal Gospels and Acts in early Christian literature. Major methodological issues in current Gospel scholarship will be introduced first. Then, each text of the Gospels and Acts will be interpreted in terms of its literary characteristics, historical background and theological ideas. Throughout the course hermeneutical implications of the critical interpretation of the bible will be raised and discussed.

Course Number: NT-8114

Systematic Theology I with Dr. Gregory Love

This course covers the first half of an introduction to Christian theology. Beginning with the meaning of religious faith, it moves into the method question of the relation between divine revelation and the authority of scripture, human reason and experience. From there, it investigates the meaning of God using ancient and contemporary Trinitarian theology — Reformed theologian John Calvin, feminist theologian Elizabeth Johnson, and Latin American theologian Gustavo Gutierrez. The course concludes with differing understandings of creation, and God’s relationship to human suffering.

Course Number: ST-8108

Students & Campus Life

If you are not currently a student at SFTS, we invite you to enroll in one of our online classes! You can become a Non-Degree Student if you have a baccalaureate degree and follow the instructions located here. If you have any questions, please contact:

Susan Lawlor, Director of Academic Services Coordinator and Registrar