Walk of faith

Using the power of nature to teach and inspire provides the framework for D.Min. student Rob McClellan’s approach to ministering at Westminster Presbyterian in Tiburon, CA. “I’m looking at what I can do to nurture faith through experience,” he said. “My dissertation is on the pilgrimage as authentic spiritual practice.”

Rob is researching the neuroscience of walking and its effects on the brain and body, theologies of the pilgrimage, and studying the changing nature of the church. He’ll also lead his own pilgrimage; he and a group of congregants will go on a 100-mile walk along the Camino in Spain this spring. “For me, it’s a way of thinking contextually about my ministry, then putting a spin on it.”

This body of research will inform the toolkit he’s developing to equip other pilgrimage leaders. “Part of my intention is getting people back in touch with the earth, where many find it easier to discover God.”